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Tracking time travelers online

I read this expecting to hear about tweets that predicted things that could only be explained by time travel.

There are two kinds of creative beings. Those that create and those that talk about creating. Those that create take risks, fail, experiment and push forward because they have to, because they need to, like a bad itch. You won’t find them talking much, posting much, worried about what others think. And then there are those that read books, take classes and courses and calculate their risks before attempting any creation. They take meeting after meeting after lunches after coffee breaks in hope that their talent might be discovered before they discover it themselves. One led by complicated, tumultuous love and the other by a nasty 5 letter word.
—Eliot Rausch

Seeking and searching for fame won’t yield much. We won’t be remembered, and that turns out to be good news. Who reads the great Stanley Elkin one generation after his death? Or May Sarton? Or Dawn Powell? Who was Truman’s vice president? (Alben W. Barkely.) Becoming famous is of momentary reward, and then stressfully un-important, like winning the set of steak knives in Glengarry Glen Ross.

So there’s attention, creation, love and dessert.

— Anne Lamott - Stitches  (via anonymousmentor)
We all seek truth, light. Sadly, only some fly toward it. View high resolution

We all seek truth, light. Sadly, only some fly toward it.

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sunset colors on mt. hood

july 6th, 2013

Timing is everything when lighting a scene with the sun.

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